Why Ballet is good for older dancers!

love and ballet; ballet shoes and red heart shape in grass

We receive lots of emails from those asking if it’s too late to start ballet. Are they too old? Too unfit? Many are concerned that they don’t fit the traditional ballet ideal.  We believe it’s never too late to start enjoying the benefits of this wonderful art form! Our dancers are aged anywhere between 18-65 years! Some are returning to dance after a long break, some have never danced a step in their lives. Others are industry professionals & local dance teachers who seek out regular practice in an adult focused environment. Ballet is a fabulous way to keep body and mind in sync, especially as we age.  Scottish dancer,  Nan McDonald, is aged 70 and  still takes regular classes with the Scottish Ballet. Click on the link below to read about a fantastic program run by The Scottish Ballet – Regenerate classes – a project teaching ballet to the over-50s, which has been hugely popular. As well as classes, participants rehearse workshop performances in tandem with shows put on by professional dancers.

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