Residencies and Grants

For local movement and theater makers

Open Door is a subsidised support initiative for independent dance and theatre artists, aiming to foster the development of original works and support Geelong’s expanding professional dance and theatre community.

Launched in February 2007, Open Door is a studio grant and residency, providing time, space and creative support to individual artists or project based companies in the Geelong region.

Who is eligible?

Geelong based, emerging or professional independent choreographers, dance or theatre practitioners whose work demonstrates an engagement with and relevance to contemporary culture. Applications which demonstrate a commitment to the creation of original devised works are deemed most suitable.

For example, choreographers could use the space to develop a new group or solo dance work, have time to experiment with dance ideas or rehearse a work that has already been made. There does not need to be a performance outcome, although the project must have a definitive start and completion date.

What type of support do we provide?

The Loft will provide access to our studio at no cost.  You will get our beautiful studio to create in for 12 hours absolutely FREE (valued at over $350) Thereafter, the studio can be hired at a heavily reduced rate. All applicants must have current Public Liability Insurance. We are also available to chat with you about your creative work should you like an outside eye and/or assistance to arrange a creative development showing. Why? Because we’re movement artists too and we want to see the local contemporary dance and theatre scene flourish and support our artists to do what they do best; make art.

What types of activities will not be supported?

Rehearsals for dance concerts, regular public classes and workshops, photo shoots, rehearsals for eisteddfods and competitions and any commercially based enterprise.


Applications can be submitted at any time throughout the year, and are considered within the parameters of the studios annual class schedule and programmes. To download an application form, click