Open Door – Artist Profile

Name: Candice Polglase

Age: 38

Company: Ripple Effects

1.Describe your arts/dance practice and what you are currently working on in the studio.

I am using the body as a barometer of truth. With this as my main method, I am asking questions around certain creation myths and philosophical enquiries, in order to create something that is both a collective and personal transformation. The Gnostic Myth that intrigues me the most deals with ancient mystical knowledge about our possible pre-human origins.

2. Tell us a little about yourself, where you are from and your dance background.

I have been dancing in some capacity in the greater Melbourne area my whole life, from more traditional forms of movement through to more experimental forms, which has taken me to the other side of the world looking for answers from the body. But it was in Carlton I discovered Improvisation. This has been a key movement form that continuously surprises me, which has been a nice reprieve from the repetition of daily life. Improvising with groups of people is such an amazing gift. Connecting, flowing and growing through movement that appears in the moment, for me is essential.

3.What’s a typical session in the studio look like in terms of your working process?

Always starting with a personally guided warm up, I then use group and solo improvisational score to research my enquiries, intuitively tweaking them as I go and being flexible to what the dancers are expressing (and what the space is asking for). When I begin to choreograph, I sometimes work with one other dancer, improvising and then creating fixed phrases. Sometimes I film the group improvising to specific scores, and then later I thread out the frameworks and phrases. I also like to let any work we do breath for a few days, or even a week. I find this helps me distill what needs distilling and leaving what needs to be left untouched.

4. How is The Loft Open Door grant helping you with your arts practice in Geelong? Has it been beneficial for you? 

It has given me access to a beautiful dance space that has supported my ability to produce a dance performance. I am very grateful to have received this opportunity to develop my ideas. The funding for dance space is rare commodity and a very much appreciated gift to my art.

5. Who/What is your dance and movement inspiration? 

I have been drawn to improvisation through doing Anne O’Keefe’s Alchemy series in Carlton. This has allowed me to get very much in touch with my inner truth and be able to move and create from my heart. I also enjoyed the movement language of the Gaga Technique created by Ohad Naharin. There is such a timelessness to the technique that will always stay in my body.

6.What advice would you like to give local dancers/choreographers who are interested in choreography and making new work?

Know your truth and create from your heart. Take risks and believe in yourself.

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