Class Descriptions

Please check the timetable to see what is currently scheduled as not all classes are offered in each term.

Contemporary Dance

Contemporary is an artistic and expressive combination of technique and flowing movement. Classes begin with a simple mobilisation warm up, leading towards more developed phrase material. Includes creative short movement sequences, floorwork and guided improvisation exercises.

Classical Ballet

A traditional ballet class covering ballet positions and steps, barre exercises and centre practice in a relaxed environment. Develop correct technique, flexibility, grace, strength and posture. What level class should you be in?

ABSOLUTE BEGINNER: This is the best place to start if you’ve not danced since you were a kid, or you’ve not completed any ballet at all. Great to go over the basics!

BEGINNER BALLET LEVEL 1: This level assumes you’ve completed at least 12 months or more of recreational ballet recently.

BEGINNER BALLET LEVEL 2: This level assumes you’ve completed at least 2-3 years of recreational ballet previously.

INTER/ADV: This level assumes at least 4 or more solid recreational training, tertiary level dance or professional dancers.


Barre (pronounced ‘bar’) combines simple ballet exercises, core strength work and dance specific stretching. A combination of Ballet, Pilates and fitness moves. No previous dance or ballet experience required. Barre is an upbeat class with great music; get ready to tone and stretch the entire body!

Beginner Yoga

A foundational Hatha class focusing on breath, alignment and mindfulness. This class is aimed at supporting those new to Yoga and is comfortably paced, allowing time to explore and deepen into poses. Learn simple techniques to calm the mind, strengthen the body and open the heart.

Ashtanga Yoga

This style of yoga incorporates a warm up, set sequence of postures, standing balances, alignment and breathwork. Most suited to those with some previous Yoga experience, moderately paced and finishing with some stretching and relaxation.

Stretch and Strengthen

This fitness style class combines gentle mobility exercises, strength based training and stretching to keep the body centred, strong and moving with ease.

Mat Pilates

This low impact mat pilates class is a wonderfully safe movement modality for everyone! Classes focus on core stability, strength, flexibility, strength and mobility which enables you to move freely and strongly. Pilates also cultivates a mindful awareness which leads to better posture and confidence in your physicality.

Mature Dancer – Ballet and Contemporary for 40+

Join us for a series of classes designed especially with the mature mover in mind. Intelligently structured and low impact, these classes are perfect for those who want to keep moving safely and enjoy their moving body at any age. Classes are suitable for those with some injuries/limitations . The classes are perfect for those with some previous dance experience or those returning to dance after an extended break.

Retro Workout

A super fun and sweaty dance fitness class with classic Jane Fonda moves and all your favourite 80’s & 90’s music. After an energising cardio warm up you will learn a variety of retro moves each week as well as a dance routine. No previous dance experience required.

Broadway Jazz

A fun and upbeat class with classic Broadway Jazz skills and techniques. Classes progress through a thorough warm-up of isolations, short combinations, across the room travels – all culminating in a wonderful jazz routine. Suitable for beginners and those with some experience.

Beginner Hip Hop

This energetic and urban dance style will introduce you to the Hip Hop basics. The focus of this class is to build a solid foundation to execute popular dance moves to original choreography. Warm up includes isolations, simple combos and stretches and a breakdown of the highly energetic routine to build stamina and increase musicality. No previous experience necessary.

Splits and Arabesques

A dance focussed stretch and strengthen class, which caters to students who would like to improve their range of movement in these two well known dance positions. To do this, we focus on strengthening the glutes, hips, back, thigh and core muscle groups as well providing a safe stretch and flexibility routine.