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7 Rutland Street, Newtown (upstairs venue)

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9.30 am     Barre
10.30 am40+ Beginner BalletOpen Practice (5 weeks)  40+ Beg/Inter Ballet (90 mins)Inter Contemporary
6.00 pm Absolute Beginner Ballet Beg/Inter BalletBeg/Inter Ballet  
6.30 pmInter/Adv Ballet (90mins)     
7.00 pm Beginner ContemporaryInter/Adv ContemporaryPowerflow for Dance  
8.00pmBeginner Hip HopDancefloor Beg/Inter Jazz  

Term Dates

Terms typically follow the Victorian School Calendar with some occasional slight variation.

Please note that classes run as scheduled on PUBLIC HOLIDAYS.


Term 1: Mon 29th January – Sat 30th March (9 weeks)

Term 2: Mon 15th April – Sat 29th June (11 weeks)

Term 3: Mon 16th July – Sat 16th September (10 weeks)

Term 4: Mon 7th Oct – Sat 14th Dec (10 weeks)

Class Styles

Please check the timetable too see what is currently scheduled as not all classes are offered in each term.

Absolute Beginner | Beginner | Intermediate | Advanced | 40+


Artistic and expressive, this style aims to develop a deeper body awareness as well as foundational skills in contemporary dance technique. Class begins with a simple mobilisation warm up, leading towards more developed phrase material, with music ranging from ambient, pop, classical and electronic. A soulful class offering short movement sequences, floorwork and guided improvisation.


A traditional classical ballet class incorporating warm up, barre exercises as well as centre practice in a relaxed environment. Develop correct technique, flexibility, grace, strength and posture. Our ballet classes aim to teach the fundamentals of dance technique. Enjoy an hour of grace in this beautiful class, catering for beginners to advanced students alike.


Barre (pronounced ‘bar’) this class combines simple ballet exercises, core strength work and dance specific stretching. A combination of Ballet, Pilates and fitness moves. No previous dance or ballet experience required. Barre is an upbeat class with great music; get ready to tone and stretch the entire body!


Classes begin by gently warming the body, grounding and centering practices lead to more developed flow sequences and finish with stretching and meditation. Best suited to those with some previous experience, the class is moderately paced and focuses on breath, alignment and mindfulness. Learn simple techniques to calm the mind, strengthen the body and open the heart.

Jazz Technique

A fun and upbeat class focusing on Jazz technique with varied styles from Broadway and Commercial Jazz. Classes progress through a thorough warm-up of isolations, short combinations, across the room travels and then culminate in a wonderful jazz routine usually worked on over a few weeks. S


Are you looking for some dancefloor moves for your next night out? Then this is the perfect class for you! Geared towards beginners, Dancefloor takes elements of commercial jazz, hip hop and funk, backed by the hit songs you know and love. Think class themes such as Pop Royalty, Retro, Dance Movie Hits, Radio Wonders and RnB. With a new theme every two weeks, you’ll love the variety of tunes, moves and good times!

Play – Movement Impro

Play is a movement and dance improvisation class where we practice cultivating presence and noticing our unfolding moment-to-moment experience. It’s about letting go of the everyday, being guided by our intuition and welcoming a playful approach as we explore movement, music & improvisation together. Through guided explorations, games and scores, we discover new pathways for embodied expression. No previous experience required.

Powerflow for Dance

This dynamic new class is a beautiful flow series focussing on strength, mobility, and balance. Drawing inspiration from multiple modalities, including strength training, yoga, dance, martial arts, and qi gong and combining into one seamless workout. Suitable for all levels, the class is designed to complement and enhance your dance training and taught by a qualified personal trainer. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, this class offers a holistic approach, to help all bodies move and feel better.  

Mat Pilates

A low impact, safe and effective movement modality. Classes focus on core stability, strength, flexibility, strength and mobility, enabling you to move freely and strongly. Most exercises are done lying, kneeling or standing on the mat. Pilates also cultivates a mindful awareness which leads to better posture and confidence in your physicality.

Hip Hop

This energetic and urban dance style will introduce you to Hip Hop, Funk and a little popping! The focus of the class is to build a solid foundation to learn popular street dance moves and original choreography. Warm up includes isolations, simple combos and stretches and then we end with learning a fun routine. No previous experience required.

Meet The Team

The Loft Studio has an experienced team of dance instructors across different dance styles.